Cloud CADI

Connect, Automate, Decide & Innovate.

Amadis cloud optimizer CloudCADI will provide deep insights to optimize your public and hybrid cloud consumption. CloudCADI is equipped with non-intrusive cloud-native scripts to provide actionable insights.

Single Pane View

Monitoring and Visualization

  • Continuous monitoring and configurable intervals
  • Single pane view of cost, performance, and utilization of all cloud resources
  • Cost and usage at a business unit level
  • Drill down features
Quantified Opportunities

Actionable Insights

  • Cost benefit for each recommendation
  • All actionable insights prioritized for operations at unit level
  • Continuous display for high value optimizations
MS AZURE Core Native ML Deployed

ML Model Deployed

  • Greater than 96% success rate on deployed data sets
  • Enable end-user adoption of AZURE ML module deployments
  • Recommend models for suitable use cases

Why Amadis and Cloud CADI?

The Amadis Team specializes in methodologies, frameworks & tools to enable YOU to consume public and hybrid cloud resources in the best possible way. Cloud CADI helps you optimize your current environment and the methodology Amadis REAL will help you engineer and automate future cloud consumption using reliable frameworks and automation scripts.


Our Service

FinOps is a cultural practice. It is an emerging service line that provides the most efficient way in the world for teams to manage their cloud costs, where everyone takes ownership of their cloud usage supported by a central best-practices group. Cross-functional teams work together to enable faster delivery, while at the same time gaining more financial and operational control. If it seems that FinOps is about saving money, then think again. FinOps is about making money.


Are you ready to optimize your cloud consumption?

“Cloud CADI helped my team to automate AZURE consumption and look at various options for optimization. The single-pane view gave us the best visualization & confidence that we are consuming AZURE using the best possible blueprints.”

- Cloud Architect, Fortune 500 Enterprise

Cloud CADI

Connect, Automate, Decide & Innovate.


Cost, Usage & Deployments

  • DATA retrieved at constant intervals
  • Automation enabled for continuous improvements
  • > 12% immediate savings
  • Spend right with >30% resources realigned for future initiatives

Estimation Refined & Future Consumption Predicted

  • Migration sizing, estimation, and public cloud provider comparisons made easy
  • Refine estimation guidelines and help project management

Business Use Case

CloudCADI helped the client manage and operate efficiently a wide array of Azure services by helping them spend right and any unwanted expenditure.

  • Complete analyses and recommendations for all Azure services
  • Implementation across multiple Azure subscriptions
  • Single pane view
  • Resizing recommendations for VMs based on multiple parameters
  • Predict future consumption (ML models deployed)
  • Proper disk (premium, standard) attachment to the VMs based on their environment
  • 6% to 12 % monthly savings

Gain greater control over your spend

Optimize your current cloud resources and have better control over cloud spend.

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