Amadis Finops Service

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FinOps is a cultural practice. It is an emerging service line that provides the most efficient way in the world for teams to manage their cloud costs, where everyone takes ownership of their cloud usage. Cross-functional teams work together to enable faster delivery and provide companies greater financial and operational control. If it seems that FinOps is about saving money, then think again. FinOps is about making money. FinOps is all about removing blockers, empowering engineering teams, and enabling a cross-functional conversation about where to invest and when. Sometimes a business will decide to tighten the belt. Sometimes a business will decide to invest more. But now teams know why they are making those decisions.

Machine intelligence

Optimization Software

  • CloudCADI collects and curates data from various cloud sources.
  • CloudCADI analyzes the data collected and presents it in an easy way to consume.
  • CloudCADI allows users to create and customize unique flows at the UI level for better experience and control over the data.
Cultural Change

AI + Human Accountability

  • Finops is a cultural practice. It provides the most efficient way for cross-functional teams to manage their cloud costs.
  • It enables departments and individuals to take ownership of their cloud usage, supported by a central best-praactices group.
  • This framework empowers the engineering team to deliver a better and faster performance.
Human Intelligence

Frameworks and Architecture

  • Through continuous monitoring of your environment, our cloud experts will suggest the best industry practices tailored for your needs.
  • We will be your trusted advisors and help you reap the maximum benefits in your cloud journey.
  • After a thorough survey of your cloud spends and particular industry verticals, budgets and alerting mechanisms are set in place to avoid any surprises in your cloud bills.

Cloud Cost Management AMADIS FinOps

Cloud financial management is a holistic, continuous journey. We will relieve your engineering and operations teams so that they can focus on their core functions, while we take care of cost management in the cloud.

Fix Accountability

  • Account tagging
  • Cost segregation
  • Chargeback
  • Identify value KPIs


  • Identify resource idling
  • Cost aware (re)-design
  • Optimize capacity with demand
  • Choose right pricing model

Plan & Forecast

  • Budgeting and forecasting variable cost
  • Value articulation
AMADIS Nextgen Services

Cloud & Cost Optimization

Our product will analyze consumption patterns and pricing options to optimize cloud resource utilization. The AMADIS Cloud Optimizer “Cloud CADI” is a customizable tool that is designed for the right cloud consumption outcomes.

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